The Best of 2018 – The Shortlist

The Pure Indie best of 2018 two hour special will be LIVE on IndieXL and LOS Den Helder on 29th December 2018 at 19:00 NL / 6pm UK.

This is the shortlist of the best tracks of this year, and as always we’ll let you the listeners vote for the top 30.

You can vote for your ten favourite tracks below. Voting will close on the 28th December at 23:59. Find out the results from 19:00 NL / 6pm UK on 29th December.

Check out the playlist on spotify (direct link if browser doesn’t support the playlist below).

And here’s the poll complete with links to YouTube (remember – right click and open in new tab if you want to keep the poll open). Let us know your thoughts below too.

Happy Voting!


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